If Music be the Food of Love

Dr Fry always plays loud rock music when he is frying. It seems that music may actually have a bearing on the quality of the ingredients so for your delectation here’s some information –

Chickens in Cornwall lay huge eggs listening to Lemmy


Mad Suffolk pig farmer plays harmonica and his radio loud on his tractor for happier pork


Really mad woman plays jazz and sitar music to her flowers


Somewhat authoritative source discredits Cliff Richard and promotes Black Sabbath for healthy plant growth


Guardian article on how music pitch can influence tastebuds


Dr Fry recommends Alice Cooper, The Residents and Inner City Unit for the perfect fryup


Hip to be Square

Leyland, a town in the North-West of England has just completed an application to become European Capital of Culture in 2088 (they are banking on achieving city-status before then) and tucked away in their submission was a proposal for a new flag for the United States of Lancashire. This lovely design by Master Butcher David Lamb will ultimately prove crucial in their bid for glory.


Fry Minister Berry

When someone is really passionate and dedicated about cooking good food, it shows through in the ingredients they choose, the care they take cooking it and the way it is presented for smashing.

Olly Berry isn’t just a Pirelli-starred fryup chef, he also broadcasts on the wireless and runs a mobile disco

This fryup is one of Doctor Fry’s favourites. It is a lovely sultry-looking plate of quality goodnesses, very well balanced, perfectly cooked, ready to destroy. Button mushrooms slow-cooked in butter, perfect eggs on fried slice, quality meat and pudding. Don’t get him started about beans. Or bean-barriers.

You can catch OB1 over at the notorious Fry Up Police facebook group (Dr Fry recommends you read the rules if you join)



Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers

This legislaton took effect in December. You can access the summary guidance here –


One of the intereresting things for Doctor Fry is that by December next year,

  • Added water over 5% must be declared in the name of the food for meat products and meat preparations which have the appearance of a cut, joint, slice, portion or carcass of meat.  The same will apply to fishery products which have the appearance of a cut, joint, slice, portion, fillet or whole fishery product.

The current declaration level is 10% added water. Lowering the declaration level to 5% is a  move which the EU hope will improve food standards, but with one product, bacon, this legislation could not only cause consumer confusion but may encourage manufacturers who had purposefully kept added water below 10% to start adding even greater quantities of water. 98% of the bacon we consume is cured in such a way that it is unviable below 5%, only dry cure bacon contains no added water. Here’s a link to The Food Manufacturers Group take on the new legislation which explains this far more eloquently than Dr Fry can –


Dr Fry has again been denied access to the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva to conduct his valuable bacon research so instead he has been weighing and frying, then weighing again a whole lot of different bacons to see exactly how much of that added water evaporating during the cooking process effects the weight of what ends up on the plate. Keep your eyes out, in the next few days there will be some rather interesting results being published, in the meantime, and as a reward for you reading this far here’s a picture of a couple of my delicious test subjects about to be interrogated for taste and texture


Smooth Criminal

This beautiful fryup was sent to me by shady underworld kingpin and Fry Up Criminal ‘Yrag’. As well as being beautifully presented, the sheer quality of the ingredients here are a joy to behold. All cooked perfectly and a cheeky snub to tinned tomato deniers right at the front. The pork, parsley, chive, sage and lemon zest sausages deserve a special mention, his talented lad made them.

You can catch more of Yrag’s stunning dishes as well as lively food debate and some incredible member-submitted cooking at his mighty Facebook group Fry Up Criminals



Dr Fry was marking a thesis recently for The York University Fryup Doctorate Matriculation Board and was astounded by the effort of this student. Their final exam piece is highly technical and this one was amongst the best submissions we’d ever seen.

Doctor Webster, you cook a smashing fryup.

FB_IMG_1432914570689 FB_IMG_1432913699932


Dr Fry loves this beautiful fryup from James Michael C. Some people despise the use of avocado anywhere near a fryup, others get upset about crispy delicious streaky bacon. The addition of beans on a slice of fried bread as a side-dish is a sublime piece of fryup anarchy. Dr Fry loves innovation in fryups, without it, there will be no progress.

For the record, the avocado was violently smashed together with red onion and lemon juice.