Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers

This legislaton took effect in December. You can access the summary guidance here –

One of the intereresting things for Doctor Fry is that by December next year,

  • Added water over 5% must be declared in the name of the food for meat products and meat preparations which have the appearance of a cut, joint, slice, portion or carcass of meat.  The same will apply to fishery products which have the appearance of a cut, joint, slice, portion, fillet or whole fishery product.

The current declaration level is 10% added water. Lowering the declaration level to 5% is a  move which the EU hope will improve food standards, but with one product, bacon, this legislation could not only cause consumer confusion but may encourage manufacturers who had purposefully kept added water below 10% to start adding even greater quantities of water. 98% of the bacon we consume is cured in such a way that it is unviable below 5%, only dry cure bacon contains no added water. Here’s a link to The Food Manufacturers Group take on the new legislation which explains this far more eloquently than Dr Fry can –

Dr Fry has again been denied access to the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva to conduct his valuable bacon research so instead he has been weighing and frying, then weighing again a whole lot of different bacons to see exactly how much of that added water evaporating during the cooking process effects the weight of what ends up on the plate. Keep your eyes out, in the next few days there will be some rather interesting results being published, in the meantime, and as a reward for you reading this far here’s a picture of a couple of my delicious test subjects about to be interrogated for taste and texture



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