You’re Bacon Me Crazy II

You may recall that Dr Fry has recently embarked on an important research project to measure the shrinkage rate of various bacons. Aldi’s ‘freshcure’ took a bit of a panning and is currently the shrinkiest one. We thought it was only fair to review their dry-cure offer so here it is.

Aldi Dry-Cured Back Bacon Rashers 200g


£7.95 a kilo, 6 rashers, 95% pig with some brown sugar thrown in. We fried these exactly the same way as the others. The raw meat looked nice, if a little bit thinly cut but didn’t brine up at all in the pan.


They tasted lovely, with a nice crisp texture. Two rashers were weighed raw at 69g, following frying they reduced to 36g, losing 43% of their uncooked weight.

Dr Fry was quite pleased with these budget offerings from the German supermarket giants.

An updated table with these new results will follow later.


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