The Rise and Fall of the Richmond Sausage


Go into any supermarket and you will find packs of Richmond sausages displayed prominently and sometimes attractively discounted. They are produced by the Kerry food group in Ireland. Don’t expect a detailed review from Dr Fry, he tried one once, they are absolutely horrible containing the minimum amount of allowed ‘meat’ for them to be legally described as a ‘sausage’ (see our earlier article on what exactly can be classed as ‘meat’), pale, spongy, full of additives to enhance flavour and hold water with dextrose added to the skin to make them look brown when they are heated.


It hasn’t always been this way though. In 1889 the Moore’s family butcher shop in Litherland near Liverpool began making a sausage called ‘Richmond’. They were described as ‘beautiful beef sausages’…..


…and became popular enough for the family to establish a factory nearby providing employment for local people and continuing to produce what was largely regarded as a quality product. The factory itself was a local landmark with an eye-catching pig sign.


Despite Hitler’s best attempts to level this area near the Seaforth docks the factory continued to produce sausages through both world wars and became a victim of its own success, selling out to Walls in the 1950s.

There is a popular (and sadly unsubstantiated) local rumour that an actual pig was kept in an office in the old factory and management were made to take turns to look after the animal to foster respect for the unfortunate porker, when Walls took over operations any respect soon went out of the window and it marked the start of the decline of a once great and well-respected brand.


Dr Fry is grateful to the marvellous ‘Rate My Sausage’ blog for their review of this dreadful product….

….and notes with distain that they have actually discovered a worse sausage than the Richmond during the course of their valuable research.

Be kind to yourself dear reader, next time you shop for sausages, if you are tempted to pick up a pack of these pink abominations, take a minute to read the label and see what other brand you might be able to purchase for around the same price, Dr Fry almost guarantees that similarly priced products will probably contain at least twice the meat and definitely provide more than twice the enjoyment for your beautiful fryups.


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