Vegetarians, an apology.

A short while ago, Dr Fry wrote a slightly ascerbic article about vegetarian fryups. On reflection, some of his comments were a tad harsh. By way of an apology, an attempt at a vegetarian fryup is offered to colleagues, friends and readers who choose for whatever reason to dodge meat and fish.

Dr Fry does however stand by his assertion that products which pretend to be meat have no place in any sane or reasonable society, so he took stock of his provisions and created quite a very tasty dish which just about snook into the broader definition of a small fryup.


The eggs were lovely, ‘dragon eggs’ with the white whipped like a meringue and spooned into the frying pan, the yolks popped in and cooked for a few minutes covered, then a flash under a hot grill to ensure perfect cooking. Big buttery chestnut mushrooms, a substantial vine-ripened tomato, beans with a splash of maple syrup finished off with some buttered ciabatta.

This was absolughtely delightfully teasingly light compared to a full meaty fryup. A fried banquet is on Dr Fry’s long-list and this could make an excellent starter. 


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