Poilitical Fryups

Doctor Fry trys to keep abreast of current affairs, particularly when it comes to food policies. A short while ago there was a General Election in Britain.

Not long after the results were announced, Dr Fry visited one of his favourite places on the internet to admire the work of hungry fryup enthusiasts, the notorious Facebook group The Fry Up Police (many of the guest fryups featured on this blog were originally critiqued there).

One of his colleagues, Dr Webster had quite ingeniously created a beautiful post election fryup there, which sought to represent the state of the nation through the medium of fried food. Dr Fry thought this was a marvellous idea and cooked up a response to Dr Webster’s statement. Below are the results of our endeavours. Dr Webster’s first.

“The Election Special Fry Up: Whatever your politics, our proud nations produce some great food. I’ve picked elements from the almighty FUP Venn from Scotland (haggis), Wales (cockles), Ireland (potato farl and soda bread), Cornwall (home made hog’s pudding – thanks for the recipe David Rowland) and England (bubble and squeak – I made a rosti out of it – and Henderson’s Relish). The remaining bits (sausages, bacon, eggs, black pudding, fried bread, etc.) are probably common to all countries. Of course it wouldn’t be right without some interference from our erstwhile colony the U.S. of A – so thanks for the hash brown guys. All meat and eggs from Griffins the Butchers in Newbury.”


My response –

“I have cooked some food in order to respond to David Webster’s ‘election day fryup’ which purported to represent the state of our once great nation. I feel that this fryup better reflects where we truly find ourselves today.

The mushrooms are like our health and social care services, slashed repeatedly yet still somehow managing to maintain some structural integrity. The black and white pudding both celebrates the ethnic diversity of our proud land as well as highlighting the stark divisions between communities. All the costlier items in this fryup, the wealth of this allegory, are being hoarded on the far right whilst on the left, the humble worker eggs toil ceaselessly upon their fried slices. The smug Cameronian hash brown is clearly putting the oppressed eggs under almost intolerable pressure. The beans, well they are just f****ng beans. I f****ng love beans me.”



  1. Jane King · June 10, 2015

    I have made a Dictatorship breakfast. Didn’t cook anything myself but will be acquiring both breakfasts above as a hostile invasion. Burp.

    Liked by 1 person

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