You’re Bacon Me Crazy III

All the bacons so far on our almost scientific tests (here and here) have been supermarket varieties, Dr Fry thought he’d try his local butcher’s offer to see how that stood up today so he picked up some middle cut (kind of half back half streaky) umsmoked for the trial by fire.

Weighing in at 77g one slice was enough for the test, looked lovely with a nice thick proper rind that was snipped to ensure it cooked evenly. IMG_20150611_172611 Not an awful lot of white snot and it’s smelling good. Four minutes each side as usual.IMG_20150611_173236 Blimey, down to 33g. So the stats, 75g down to 33g is a massive 56% shrinkage, but at £7.33 a kilo this was really nice bacon with a firm texture, crispy rind and a proper baconny taste. Naturally it went straight into a fresh brioche bun with tomato sauce for further testing.



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