Bangers and SMASH!

As you may recall the Fry household is now in possession of a meat-grinding/sausage-stuffing combo that came as a lovely surprise early Father’s day gift. Sausages have been made. Lessons have been learned. Some great bangers have emerged.

So far we’ve had a dodgy batch of English Breakfast sausages (the only time Dr Fry actually followed a recipe) which were overstuffed and had store-bought breadcrumbs in, so they exploded. Two batches of Lamb & Leek which have been sublime, and a batch of herby pork plus one of pork with fresh Blackcurrant Sage and caramelised red onion chutney. The latter were absolutely astounding.

Here are today’s efforts –


…and a couple of Dr Fryups featuring his home-made sausages, herby pork on the first one with a cheeky chorizo hash brown in the middle, Lamb & Leek/Sage&Onion in the second with one of Dr Fry’s patent buuble&squeak-stuffed hash browns.




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