Hogs Pudding


Many people love a slice or two of white pudding on their fryup. There are lots of regional variations but traditional Cornish Hogs Pudding is Dr Fry’s absolute favourite. If you are lucky enough to live in the South West of England, many supermarkets stock this product and lots of butchers make and sell it.

In the absence of retailers local to Fry Villas who stock such a delicacy, Dr Fry has worked tirelessly for many minutes researching different recipes and preparation methods and we have arrived at a quite an authentic and traditional Hogs Pudding which is relatively easy to make and store for future fryups.


Many thanks to Cornish Links for the invaluable information on their website –


The mix is prepared as described however ensure you use a fatty pork mince or minced cuts of pork, fresh breadcrumbs (toasted or stale ciabatta makes a fantastic breadcrumb), or for a finer pudding, ground up cream crackers.

We make quite stout sausage-shapes then wrap them snugly in several layers of clingfilm then poach gently in water for 30-40 minutes.


Cool, slice and Fry! Surplus pudding can be stored in the freezer for up to three months

You may also enjoy the idea of stuffing the Hogs, here is one stuffed with bury black pudding although there are many other delicious possibilities.


A chef recently tasted one of Dr Fry’s fine Hogs Pudding and told him it reminded him of the very best Iberian Wild Boar sausage!


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