Meat Brick

Research and development at the Fry Foundation laboratories is ongoing and intensive. Thankfully we are aided and abetted by input from some marvelous talented people, top chefs, creative geniuses, mad scientists and deranged visionaries.

Nick Minton manages to fulfill all these criteria. He is the inventor of the Meat Brick. A cunning and versatile fryup add-on which combines some of the best bits of a fryup to form not only a delicious treat but a sustainable and edible source of building materials for future generations.

Nick puts shallots and mustard in his brick which has a core of bury black pudding, lovingly encased in pork and wrapped with streaky bacon.

Here’s Nicks superb fryup that featured the meat brick.


The Dr Fry team attempted a slightly different meat brick which was delightful and WOULD have featured in a beautiful fryup had not Harry Fry Junior returned from his dormitory at the University of Gifted Idiots unexpectedly and helped himself to the blooming lot. Thanks for nothing Harry.

dr fry 24


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