Prompted by an article about a cafe owner who was planning on providing free breakfasts for homeless people on Christmas Day this year, Dr Fry took himself down to Yummy Cafe on Prescot Rd Liverpool to see what the hype was about and sample the quality of the fryups there.

To be fair it didn’t look too promising from the outside…

dr fry 3

The fryup however was actually really very nice, perfectly cooked and great value @ £4.95 including tea & toast.

dr fry 2

It was smashed to bits!

dr fry 1

This is Simon Whitter. He’s only been the proprietor of this establishment for five weeks. Can’t say I’ve ever met a nicer or friendlier member of the human species. I have to say his views on the quality of sausages, types of tomatoes and the legitimacy of potato products on fryups were positively received by Dr Fry.

dr fry 4

Simon was put in care as a kid, then after a brief spell in hostels as a young adult he became homeless. He isn’t just providing free fryups on Christmas day, he’s organising gloves & scarves and free phone calls for people who might have lost track of their families.

All this despite being a Manchester City supporter! Simon will be hopefully putting up a just giving page soon for anyone who wants to contribute, or if you’re in the area you could support him by popping in for one of his lovely fryups & put a couple of bob into his business and a couple of quid into the tin on the counter.

More info here

Yummy’s is open 7.30 a.m to 2 p.m. 7 days a week, as well as fryups he does a range of hot and cold food as well as sandwiches. Tell him Dr Fry sent you but don’t mention the match against Liverpool last weekend….


EDIT 19/12 : This has now become too big for his caff and he will be doing 200 meals from an old Courthouse in the city centre. Top work simon.




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