Political Fryups II

Keen followers of this humble blog may remember this post from June just after the British General Election where strong political viewpoints were expressed through the medium of lovely fried food.

Dr Fry is intrigued as to the capacity of a fryup to be used as an influencing and lobbying tool, here are a couple of recent efforts where my ire was raised and I felt the need to vent it via a nice big fryup.

For the first, the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne released his Autumn Statement today where he merrily handed out little gifts from behind the Treasury sofa like a mean and pathetic plastic St Nicholas whilst quietly slashing budgets for absolutely necessary government services like DEFRA (-15%)

Well George, here’s Dr Fry’s Autumn Statement, I sincerely hope you choke on it you sad excuse for a politician.


For the second, Dr Fry was positively outraged by the content and shoddy media representation of the recent World Health Organisation report which claimed that too much meat is bad for you. This is extremely old news, as a Doctor I can tell you that too much of anything is bad for you and WHO failed to make an accurate and plain distinction between cured sausages and lovely fresh ones which confused the public and gave click-bait journalism another excuse to treat its readers like toddling infants.

My response was this lovely fryup cooked in pork dripping with extra-special hash browns laced with delicious roast pork and crispy cracking. For your information WHO, I am still alive.

dr fry 15



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