The Scranary

Earlier this year a café opened up on Townsend Lane Liverpool, not far from the stadia of two Premiership football clubs. You would expect the local area and economy to benefit from the proximity of multi-million pound sporting businesses however it is one of the most deprived parts of the country by all the indices of deprivation as measured by the Office of National Statistics.

Whilst a difficult place to start a new business and indeed to trade, things were made even more difficult by an incident on their first day of trade where the windows were smashed by a youth wielding a hammer. It’s not clear whether it was a racially motivated attack or a disgruntled competitor or even a warning from a ‘protection’ crew operating in the area. Dr and Mrs Fry popped down recently to show some support and see what kind of a fryup they could deliver.

A rose between two thorns.


A really nice all day breakfast with tea and toast for £4.95!


This was a family-friendly bustling café, spotlessly clean and with the widest selection of condiments you could imagine. Well done to the owners for standing up to the idiots, thanks for a delightful fryup and we wish you every success.


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