Live and Let Fry

For anyone suffering from post-Christmas blues, not looking forward to what 2016 might bring, missing loved ones or simply needing a little cheer, Dr Fry recommends that you get a grip and have a nice fryup, it certainly cheered me up this evening!


Peace and love.


I’ve put some of Sara Jane’s most gorgeous fryups here, not too bad for a girl.

Absolutely everything she fries is beautifully cooked and marvelously presented. Bitch.



SJ helps run the fryup support group for delicate little flowers, the Fry Up Police  and can be found there offering gentle, enthusiastic and positive support for other member’s inferior efforts. (It’s a bit sweary sometimes).



Fry Me a River

Within the Fryosphere, there has been a long and bitter argument over which types of tomato are best on a fryup. Most fryup enthusiasts appear to prefer grilled or fried fresh tomatoes whilst many prefer  hot tinned plum tomatoes. For the record Dr Fry believes that both have their merits, habitually uses fresh tomatoes but rather likes the way the flavours of bacon and tinned tomatoes combine.

For supper this evening I went for Piccolino tomatoes which have an incredibly sweet intense flavour.



Hope you all have a groovy week before Christmas.




How very British

Hats off to Astronaut Tim Peake who immediately devoured a bacon sandwich when he arrived at the International Space Station earlier this week.


After all the bad press bacon has received recently it is nice to see it being promoted at the highest level! (I don’t think that was the ACTUAL bacon sandwich consumed. Shoddy Journalism The Guardian newspaper)

Steve Heyes

We recently wrote about the magnificent thing that is a meat brick and the Fry household is no stranger to stuffed meats however Steve Heyes takes this concept to a whole new level, gloriously defeats the big boss at the end and unlocks the bonus game.

“A breakfast fatty. Sausage meat filled with black pudding, egg and cheese then wrapped in a bacon weave then smoked in the pit.”

steve heyes

“An armadillo egg. Jalapeño chilli stuffed with cheese wrapped in Texas hot link sausage, wrapped in bacon and then into the pit.”steve heyes 2

You can catch more of Steve’s incredible work over at the FB group of the notoriously polite Fry Up Criminals

When are we going to see a full fryup Steve?


Lox & Caper

One of the worst aspects of Christmas shopping is finding somewhere reasonably priced without a queue out of the door to ingest greasy sustenance before engaging with crowds of grumpy shoppers again.

Members of the Fry household recently found themselves in exactly this situation during a trip to Liverpool city centre and were relieved and delighted to discover the Lox & Caper on Hanover Street situated in the foyer of the Merseyside Youth Association building.


First impressions were that the cafe looked clean and bright with a straightforward chalkboard menu. Our bedraggled party was greeted cheerfully and seated and served quickly. There were some delicious looking cakes and pastries on show in the chiller but naturally Dr Fry opted for the ‘Classic’ breakfast (below).


Two slices of nice smoked bacon, a generous portion of well cooked mushrooms, beans, fried eggs (slightly overdone for me but thoroughly acceptable) a perfect soft fried tomato, some interesting potatoes which had a chipotley  flavour and a fat pork and leek sausage which was absolutely gorgeous. The buttered farmhouse toast was fresh and tasty and quite possibly the nicest pot of tea I’ve had in a cafe all for just £5.95. This is extremely good value for the quality of the ingredients and the city-centre location.

Lots of nice touches too, good quality spotlessly clean cutlery and crockery, leaf tea and friendly, attentive service. There is a nice buzz about this place and we will definitely be back again.

Mrs Fry opted for the breakfast sausage sandwich which she thoroughly enjoyed and the youngest Fry demolished a cheese sandwich on granary bread with apple juice. Many thanks to Ben and the rest of the staff, this was exactly what the Doctor ordered.

The Lox & Caper is open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m Mon to Fri and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays.