Millennium Fryupdate

Our homage to Han Solo’s ship that ‘made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs’ received a couple of honours yesterday. Firstly the Guardian Newspaper finally got their fingers out and featured it in their ‘Witness’ section –

Screenshot 2016-01-03 12.09.26

…shortly followed by the delightful news that it was voted top dish of 2015 by members of the really rather lovely Facebook group, The Fry Up Criminals. Despite the name of the group, there are surprisingly few fryups featured on there, it is more a laid-back place which features an eclectic mix of food images, news and discussion. Thank you FUCs!

Screenshot 2016-01-03 12.12.13

This dish which was at best a whimsy has been all over the place since September when it was made, featuring in The Food Bible then being shared widely through instagram and twitter plus making Fry Up Police Hall of Fame. Just shows you what can be done with a bit of imagination (and the right amount of tequila).





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