We All Love a Full English Breakfast

There’s a smashing open group called ‘We All Love a Full English Breakfast‘ on Facebook, everyone seems polite & cheerful, quite a tolerant place when it comes to variations of the standard ingredients for a fryup and some really talented greasy food enthusiasts posting there.

These images are some of my favourites from the page, all I think made by members rather than being purchased from an establishment, I trust Mr Grub who runs the place will correct me if I miscredit any of these stunning plates of loveliness  –

This first one, a beautiful fry from Steve Cyprus –


A rather ‘Instagrammed’ picture but a lovely dish from Gareth Parks


Mick Thompson’s wonderful Winter scene


Another solid Mick Thompson


Matt Peabody’s gorgeous fryup


And in case you’re wondering about Mr Grub, he’s a lovely fellow who really likes his fryups but has been under doctor’s orders to behave himself recently so he’s lost a little weight since this pic of him


Please go and have a look at the group, say hello, post a fryup or just join in with the lively and friendly discussion.



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