Best British Breakfast Awards 2016


The Best British Breakfast Awards have been hosted annually by The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board. Nominations and voting often happens around now so Dr Fry contacted AHDB as he had several establishments in mind to nominate for the 2016 awards, however the organisers revealed today during correspondence with Dr Fry that there will be no competition this year. I understand that this decision was made as a result of budget restriction issues.

This is rather sad news, the competition was extremely popular and did a lot of good work promoting higher standards within the breakfast catering sector.

Nature abhors a vacuum therefore I will be accepting nominations on the Doctor Fry Facebook Page for which of YOUR favourite breakfast establishment OR home-made fryups should win a “Doctor Fry Award for Greasy Excellence – 2016”. Pop them on the ‘visitor post’ section or in response to this article which will be posted there until I make a dedicated area of the page.

Could you please include a picture of the fryup and a brief (less than 50 words) description, perhaps why you think the place/fryup’s a winner or what made you feel good about it.

Rather than this being a numbers game (often competitions like this are more about who can manipulate social media best as opposed to the standard of the food) I will be taking a qualitative rather than quantitative approach to judging, each of your mini reviews will be posted on a page on this blog, there may even not be one main award, rather a series of awards such as ‘best service’, ‘social conscience’, ‘value’ etc, so please feel free to nominate for whatever reason you wish.

I will run this probably until March.

Try to avoid anywhere that puts food in bread hats please, they definitely won’t be in with a shout.

bread hat

(picture credit AHDB)


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