Floating Sausages and Sergey Tyukanov

It has come to Dr Fry’s attention that a painting by Hieronymus Bosch has recently turned up in the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri. One of the clues that led art historians to believe that it was the work of the Dutch Master was the inclusion of a floating sausage, a theme which has featured in some of his other works.

bosch sausage

Whilst having a gentle research into Bosch floating sausages, as you do, I was delighted to stumble across the beautiful works of Sergey Tyukanov. In particular the following three paintings which feature as their theme nightmarish scenes involving one of the nation’s favourite and must-have fryup components.

Uprising of the Sausages and Hotdogs

Sergey Tyukanov uprising of the sausages and hotdogs

Battle With Sausages I

Sergey Tyukanov battle with saysages I

Battle With Sausages II

Sergey Tyukanov battle with saysages II

“I was born on the island Sakhalin, in a small town Poronaisk, situated on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. My childhood years passed far away from the so-called “civilization” and the only window to the reality that I had were children’s’ illustrated books. They became my fairy tale world which, although I have grown up, I do not want to depart with even today. The world of brushes, pencils, watercolors and miscellaneous bottles with inks and paints, which I endlessly love, have become for me a theatre, where I organize everything in my specific order and create a spectacle to amuse myself. In this theatre I am the director, the actor and the viewer at the same time.”

He clearly loves his sausages too. Have a peek at his brilliantly presented website to check out more of his stunning works. – http://www.tyukanov.com/

Don’t have nightmares!



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