Caught by the Fuzz

Chief Constable at the Fry Up Police, “Lurky”, has plenty to say about the fryups from the 30,000+ followers of the notorious facebook group, but today he threw caution to the wind and we are privileged to see a fryup of his own!

Using classy meats from the top East England butchers Archers


..he created this lovely fryup!


I have absolutely no doubt that some sad cases will vilify him for –

  • The shape and design of the rather lovely Willow-Pattern china
  • The crispiness of the bacons
  • The attractive cubist thing which is going on with the toast in the toastrack
  • Owning a toastrack
  • Any sauce other than HP or Heinz
  • The jaunty angle of his shot
  • The brand of beer he is drinking based on the glass (it’s actually homebrew)

Reactions like this are usually motivated by infantile jealousy and envy, top frying Lurky! When he posts this up on the FUP please join me in a game of fryup bingo to see how many of the above seven bullet-points you can spot in the comments. Go to our FB page and shout “House” in the guest comments bit when you’ve a full set.


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