Up at the break of day this morning to flog some of the accumulation of unwanted tat piling up in the attic. Got a few funny looks though when I whipped out a frying pan and camper stove during a lull in the proceedings.


Today I learnt that –

  • It’s actually quite difficult to make a fryup inside a car boot with only 1 ring and 1 pan.
  • The smell of bacon cooking attracts particularly rude and stupid people.
  • I must remember to put my reading spectacles on when raiding the larder at 5 a.m. I inadvertently took spaghetti hoops instead of beans.
  • It’s difficult to eat a fryup when the smell of bacon has attracted a crowd of rude and stupid people.
  • Particularly rude and stupid people haven’t the vaguest understanding of the phrase “sorry, no, that’s my lowest price.”

To be fair there were quite a few pleasant people who seemed to be delighted with their purchases and the fryup went down nicely.



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