A Tale of 2 Hog’s

This week I picked up 2 different types of Hog’s pudding made by two Cornish butchers trading barely a mile apart. I’ve tried them both, but the acid test is the opinion of  Mrs Dr Fry who was born in Devon, grew up in Cornwall and bloody loves her Hog’s Pudding.  It’s fair to say that they were both very different approaches to making a good old Hog’s.

Mrs Dr Fry fancied trying them this evening, she keeps her celebrity model figure and stunning looks by only having the occasional very modest fryup, so here is tonight’s-


She scored 1/10 for the darker Hog’s from Pearce’s Quality Butchers from the top of her Mum’s road, it had a crumbly consistency and a huge nutmeg aftertaste. The one below it was from the Tregonissey Butchers and was less grainy, less seasoned and very porky, slightly like spam though. She gave it 4/10. For the record her 10/10 is ‘Luke’s Hog’s Pudding’ which sadly doesn’t appear to exist in this century. She has very graciously given my version 8/10, so still a bit of work there to do. She loved everything else on the plate though, especially the egg.



  1. TheScouseassassin · May 1, 2016

    Hogs pudding…never heard of it…investigations will begin immediately.

    Liked by 1 person

    • doctor_fry · May 1, 2016

      I’m rather hoping that you don’t assassinate Scousers @TheScouseassassin. Hog’s is a lovely white pudding. It’s stocked in big supermarkets in the SWest but they pale in comparison to butcher’s own or home made. The cover pic on the page features a couple of home made ones.


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