Dr Fry vs Morrisons All Day Breakfast Pasty

We have a rule in our house, if you buy it, you eat it. I might have to have a look at the rules after spending £1.50 today on a Morrison’s All Day Breakfast Pasty. Curious to see what exactly was going on in there, I donned my gowns, scrubbed up & performed an autopsy.

To be honest the subject didn’t look too bad at first, quite healthy from the outside.


Cracked it open, a bit shocked really, are they ‘tater tots’? Is that a big cocktail sausage or a small chipolata?


It was all pretty congealed, from what I can see we have a tiny sausage, some shreds of bacon and a spoonful of beans. Thankfully Mrs Dr Fry was assisting and was able to read out the ingredients from the packet. Apparently the congealant is scrambled eggs.


I was beginning to regret 1. not heating it up (it might have moistened up a bit) 2. buying it. In an effort to make it a bit more palatable I added a splodge of delicious Salubrious Sauce Co’s Breakfast Sauce, salt & pepper, repacked with the original glop, sliced the ‘sausage’ up a bit and topped it with a ripe vine tomato.


It was still horrible.

For £1.50 you’re better trying your luck with a bacon bap at your local greasy spoon. Morrisons usually do quite nice pies, please avoid this one and try their ‘Butter Pie’ it’s lovely.


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