Tuck Shop

Dr Fry has secret operatives all around the world keeping him abreast of greasy local issues and initiatives. One such Special Agent, Katherine Tuck, was sent on a field operation to the beautiful Isle of Skye, on a mission to investigate the quality of local fryup produce.

Actually she staying near Portree on holiday but was kind enough to send me some pictures to share amongst you beautiful grease-enthusiasts. After a tip-off from a local she was directed to a portakabin which didn’t look to promising to be fair.


However once inside she was delighted to be looked after by the very friendly butcher who had some lovely-looking goodies on his counter.


He must have thought Katherine was quite mad coming in taking pictures of him cutting bacon – “you’ll never believe what happened in the shop today love, some strange lass was taking photographs of me, *chokes with laughter* cutting bacon!”


Here’s another shot of him at work, Not often you see someone hand-slicing bacon, I’m assured it was thick, even and delicious.


Katherine’s haul included hand-made sausages, the bacon, black pudding, haggis, fruit pudding and Lorne sausage. I’ve not had fruit pudding on a fryup for years, so it’s gone on my list to review.

Here’s the absolutely gorgeous fryup that Katherine banged out at the end of her mission, she said the meats and puddings were  top-quality and tasted fantastic.


Mission accomplished Special Agent Tuck, thanks for the pics!



Lee Palmer

Lee Palmer, a follower of the Dr Fry Facebook page, recently sent me this lovely looking fryup in the comments section of the page.


A gorgeous thing to behold. I initially thought it was another piece of his work that I’d seen on the pages of the notorious Fry Up Police, which I think deserves a big shout due to how it was prepared.


“A Fryup with a secret….home made hash browns, free range eggs, butchers bacon, 80% pork sausages, fried bread, toast, beans and black pudding.

The secret is…… It’s slimming world friendly. My Wife and I are on a diet so thought I would have a bash at making a healthier fryup. All cooked in 1Cal spray, bacon fat trimmed off, sausages are weight watchers, reduced sugar beans, nimble wholemeal bread, and lighter than light spread.”

I’m not sure which one I would smash first, they both look beautiful but you have to admire Lee’s mad skills with the 1-Cal spray. Some time ago I joined Mrs Dr Fry for 9 months on her Slimming World diet and the fryup (as well as the Moussaka) was the best thing about it. 1-Cal spray is quite difficult to get used to using, it burns very easily, you have to patiently cook a lot more slowly, be more attentive and you really need a good nonstick pan for best results. A local butcher makes rather tasty ‘syn free’ sausages so that was easy for me. Eggs are a bugger to master but Lee did a cheffy trick and flashed them under a grill to finish them off superbly here. Bacon has to have as much of the fat trimmed off as possible (good excuse for an extra rasher), low fat/salt beans are ok, the Heinz/Weight Watchers ones are far better than cheap brands of normal beans. Lee has even cut the crusts off his Nimble bread, probably to make up for the fact he’s sneaked in some black pudding which isn’t strictly part of the diet!

Absolutely top frying Lee, knocks spots off my last effort at a lower fat fry. I might give it another bash soon though!



A Greasy ‘Zine – Adam Watkins AKA LIMBO

I love this. As your Doctor I recommend you purchase a copy of this immediately for the sake of your sanity, health and well-being.


Adam has produced this limited run of his tribute to the mighty fryup. It only costs ten of your earth pounds INCLUDING postage. It’s really rather brilliant, he’s an extremely talented artist. No spoilers though. if you want to see inside the ‘zine then here’s all the contact info at the back of this seminal work on fryup culture –


If you’re unfamiliar with Adam and his work, here’s a great place to start or just mosey on over to the LIMBO fb page and sample all the delights.

Edit: welcome to LIMBOLAND, Adam’s shiny new online shop place, please have a peek!


Caught by the Fuzz

Chief Constable at the Fry Up Police, “Lurky”, has plenty to say about the fryups from the 30,000+ followers of the notorious facebook group, but today he threw caution to the wind and we are privileged to see a fryup of his own!

Using classy meats from the top East England butchers Archers


..he created this lovely fryup!


I have absolutely no doubt that some sad cases will vilify him for –

  • The shape and design of the rather lovely Willow-Pattern china
  • The crispiness of the bacons
  • The attractive cubist thing which is going on with the toast in the toastrack
  • Owning a toastrack
  • Any sauce other than HP or Heinz
  • The jaunty angle of his shot
  • The brand of beer he is drinking based on the glass (it’s actually homebrew)

Reactions like this are usually motivated by infantile jealousy and envy, top frying Lurky! When he posts this up on the FUP please join me in a game of fryup bingo to see how many of the above seven bullet-points you can spot in the comments. Go to our FB page and shout “House” in the guest comments bit when you’ve a full set.


Ross Taylor, self-made playboy billionaire tucked into this £38 breakfast at that London’s iconic Shard building this morning.


Earlier, I had some correspondence with Ross, he told me “it tasted amazing, a bloody damn sight better than the crap bacon butty I got in the helicopter on my way back to the castle”

You’ve got to give the caterers some credit for keeping this feast below the £40 mark and give them a spank for the stray bit of flat leaf parsley placed upside-down.



There’s ‘food porn’… and then there is THIS!

Stuart Barnes of the infamous Fry Up Criminals hasn’t only just banged out a gorgeous-looking fryup, his backdrop of cheesy 80s jazz mags takes the whole concept of ‘food porn’ to a whole new greasy level.


Stuart would like to point out that the vintage collectible gentlemen’s magazines shown here will be available on his ebay shop as soon as he has prised all the pages apart.

Just in case you thought this fryup couldn’t get any sexier, the items on the left of the plate are black and white pudding pinwheels stuffed with haggis in the centre. These are lovingly prepared by Master Butcher David Lamb at his magnificent meat-emporium in Leyland, Lancashire.

Adam Watkins AKA LIMBO

We featured a few of the obscenely brilliant works of LIMBO a short while ago.

A whole collection of beautiful, original, portraits of fried food will be available from noon tomorrow here – https://www.facebook.com/limbo1984/

Have a good high def look before you inevitably part with £30 a time here – http://www.boredpanda.com/breakfast-art-adam-watkins/

This is one of my absolute favourites….


.. and here is my shoddy sketch if this wonderful work.


Corporate Hostility

A positive little tale of a giant corporate provider of fryups listening to their customers!

Back in July last year Premier Inn were plugging their new Purple Breakfast Sauce and I took the opportunity to challenge them on the quality and content of their fried breakfasts. Dr Fry is a long-term customer of Premier Inn and has had some lovely fryups over the years, but had noted that standards appeared to be slipping and popped onto their Facebook page to vent ire.

Screenshot 2016-01-20 11.38.31Screenshot 2016-01-20 11.38.41

Screenshot 2016-01-20 11.38.57

Well it appears that some corporate giants do actually act on feedback from their customers, whilst it would be vain and foolish to take credit for changes they appear to have actioned, I can’t help but think that Dr Fry did his little bit to change their minds!

Screenshot 2016-01-20 12.50.56

What a difference! Here is their new breakfast menu, sounds lovely and represents excellent value when you consider that children get to eat free and their £8.99 unlimited fryup includes any or all of the continental selection for those so inclined.

Screenshot 2016-01-20 12.53.05

Well done Premier Inn, responding appropriately to customer feedback, both positive and negative, is one of the  hallmarks of a quality organisation.

Thanks to Jason Little from the notorious Fry Up Police for his mystery shopping!


This gorgeous little fry comes all the way from México  courtesy of Haydn Judas Rawlinson, professional giant and pinball wizard.


Doctor Fry appraises a fair amount of fryups from the Continent and beyond. It is often difficult for enthusiasts to source authentic ingredients but this one’s quite lovely, if a little over-generous with the bean-juice. I understand there is some gorgeous fried bread under the eggs. Chapeau HJR.

The Mighty Venn II

Dr S.Mugford, produced and maintains the Mighty Venn diagram for the Fry Up Police. It is the definitive guide to what should or should not be included in a fryup and accurately reflects the wonderful regional diversity of the Great British Fryup.

I was delighted to see that is has been updated recently making it more attractive and user-friendly, I believe this may be a prelude to it being produced on a commercial basis in some form or another. Excellent work Dr Mugford!

Screenshot 2016-01-08 20.13.03

Edit: It has been tweaked again by FUP Chief Bobby Lurky Avislav, looking eggcellent!