Greasy Feedback

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It’s a sign of any quality operation where both negative and positive feedback is utilised to continually improve standards.

Personally I just like reading what other people think when they see one of my fries on social media. Some of the more humorous ones are usually written when I’ve popped a picture onto the mighty and notorious Fry Up Police‘s Facebook group page. Here is a selection of my own personal favourite comments on my last five fryups posted there.

As you can see some people are so emotionally charged by the sight of fried food that they occasionally let slip an expletive…

  • That fry and myself need some alone time

  • That is f*cking majestic

  • You never fail to turn me on

  • Hail Satan

  • I’d suck anything for an go on that

  • I wouldn’t shit for a week if I ate that

  • I’d let it trump in my mouth

  • You eat at ridiculous hours. I missed ‘you old piss tank’ off the end of that sentence!

  • I’d smash its back doors in

  • I’d marry you, you fat bastard!

  • Ballads shall be written about this

  • Can I adopt you?

  • I see you’ve gone with the fried bread cantilever plate expansion system

  • Give me a shout if you fancy an affair

  • You know when new mothers see their babies for the first time…yeah, like that. 

  • Can you suck t*ts as well as cook???

  • Marry me?  

  • Holy mother of fry ups…

  • Everything else in life is sh*t compared to this fry

  • These eggs look too nice you f*cking c*nt 

  • I done a sex wee  

  • You could have my babies with those skills

  •  I’d shag it

  • If it were an horse I would ride it you filthy slut

Marriage proposals aren’t that uncommon in feedback to my fryups, however I am keeping a very close eye on the more indecent proposals which have recently been showing a worrying upward trend.

In other news we now have a Youtube channel, only a few short runny egg vids on there at the moment, you can find it right here.

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It’s all kicked off in Paignton!

You may have read before on this blog about extreme emotional and occasionally psychotic effects that sausages can have on the behaviour of some people. A butcher in Paignton has recently galvanised local vegans into direct action to protest about his purple sausages. You can’t make this stuff up!


Read more here from the Herald Express.

I might give this a go, it will sit nicely with the rainbow bacon I’ve been planning!

Captain Beany!

Whenever Mrs Dr Fry asks me if I might be getting just a little bit obsessive with my fryups, I refer her to the absolute legend that is CAPTAIN BEANY.


The good Captain has raised a huge amount of money for charity and rather fantastically is also a Bono (from the popular beat combo U2) impersonator.

More info here –

In other offbeat bean news….


The truth is out there.


Slate me

For a bit of fun, wondered about why people eat food off roof tiles, there’s a lot of it about. So here is my food on a slate fryup effort. I will be sticking to bone china in future.



Ross Taylor, self-made playboy billionaire tucked into this £38 breakfast at that London’s iconic Shard building this morning.


Earlier, I had some correspondence with Ross, he told me “it tasted amazing, a bloody damn sight better than the crap bacon butty I got in the helicopter on my way back to the castle”

You’ve got to give the caterers some credit for keeping this feast below the £40 mark and give them a spank for the stray bit of flat leaf parsley placed upside-down.



Bacon the Law

The pursuit of greasy fried excellence is always an emotive journey. A case in point was the Kyrgystan sausage riots we reported on recently, however it seems that bacon, particularly the USA variety has stirred up passions to the point where violence has ensued.

Please use your bacon responsibly.

A Sheboygan man faces battery and disorderly conduct charges for throwing bacon at his mother….

The remorseless face of a bacon-thrower:



Attempted strangulation over missing bacon:

Jan. 26

At 1:30 a.m., police were called to an assault off White Top Road, where a man trying to make a sandwich found “all of the bacon was gone but one piece.” When the 44-year-old confronted his brother, 37, about the missing pork, his sibling slapped him into a staircase, then tried to strangle him as he crawled away. Two additional family members intervened in the attack, but the suspect reportedly pushed them both down and made threats to kill his brother. Police observed injuries to the complainant and blood on the stairs, prompting the other man’s arrest.

Coralville man wields can of bacon and beans causing bludgeoning:

The somewhat remorseful-looking face of a bacon-bludgeoner:



Tooled-up man with suspicious bacon caught in neighbour’s kennel:

The face of a man suspected of suspicious bacon:



Man buys girl burger, missing bacon sparks attack


If you have been affected by issues raised in any of these stories then get a grip of yourself, it was only meant to be lighthearted observation.






The Fryup Art of Adam Watkins

Adam Watkins, also known as “LIMBO” is a talented illustrator and notorious graffiti artist who has been producing some stunning images featuring fryup ingredients. Here are just a few of his recent works:

adam watkins1adam watkins2adam watkins3adam watkins4aw4aw6

Dr Fry understands that original images like these can be purchased from Adam at a very reasonable price and that he also takes commissions.

You can contact Adam through his Facebook page where you can see some of his other works, please mention “Dr Fry” to receive a generous 0% discount.

Whatever you do though, don’t describe his style as “modern anthropomorphic caricature”….


Body Art

Dr Fry thinks tattoos are wonderful, for identifying bodies. Despite this he has been looking at some designs to potentially improve the look of his perfect fryup-sculptured body (‘dad bods’ are apparently all the rage). Here’s a couple of contenders, obviously beans not touching egg on the second one..