A Fry on the Fly

I’ve had a torrid schedule this weekend and had some bits to use up urgently from the refrigerator. As a result I was munching on this beauty at 6 a.m this morning having prepared it late Saturday night.


The layer of bread fried in the bacon and sausage fat in the middle was the key to structural integrity as well as adding beautiful flavour and valuable greasy calories. (Victorians championed the toast sandwich, even Heston is getting in on the act but this was a whole other level!). I opted for sweet tomato relish instead of sauce and deliberately broke the duck egg yolk to give it a better spread across the sandwich.


There’s ‘food porn’… and then there is THIS!

Stuart Barnes of the infamous Fry Up Criminals hasn’t only just banged out a gorgeous-looking fryup, his backdrop of cheesy 80s jazz mags takes the whole concept of ‘food porn’ to a whole new greasy level.


Stuart would like to point out that the vintage collectible gentlemen’s magazines shown here will be available on his ebay shop as soon as he has prised all the pages apart.

Just in case you thought this fryup couldn’t get any sexier, the items on the left of the plate are black and white pudding pinwheels stuffed with haggis in the centre. These are lovingly prepared by Master Butcher David Lamb at his magnificent meat-emporium in Leyland, Lancashire.

The Fryup Art of Adam Watkins

Adam Watkins, also known as “LIMBO” is a talented illustrator and notorious graffiti artist who has been producing some stunning images featuring fryup ingredients. Here are just a few of his recent works:

adam watkins1adam watkins2adam watkins3adam watkins4aw4aw6

Dr Fry understands that original images like these can be purchased from Adam at a very reasonable price and that he also takes commissions.

You can contact Adam through his Facebook page where you can see some of his other works, please mention “Dr Fry” to receive a generous 0% discount.

Whatever you do though, don’t describe his style as “modern anthropomorphic caricature”….


The Mighty Venn II

Dr S.Mugford, produced and maintains the Mighty Venn diagram for the Fry Up Police. It is the definitive guide to what should or should not be included in a fryup and accurately reflects the wonderful regional diversity of the Great British Fryup.

I was delighted to see that is has been updated recently making it more attractive and user-friendly, I believe this may be a prelude to it being produced on a commercial basis in some form or another. Excellent work Dr Mugford!

Screenshot 2016-01-08 20.13.03

Edit: It has been tweaked again by FUP Chief Bobby Lurky Avislav, looking eggcellent!


Steve Heyes

We recently wrote about the magnificent thing that is a meat brick and the Fry household is no stranger to stuffed meats however Steve Heyes takes this concept to a whole new level, gloriously defeats the big boss at the end and unlocks the bonus game.

“A breakfast fatty. Sausage meat filled with black pudding, egg and cheese then wrapped in a bacon weave then smoked in the pit.”

steve heyes

“An armadillo egg. Jalapeño chilli stuffed with cheese wrapped in Texas hot link sausage, wrapped in bacon and then into the pit.”steve heyes 2

You can catch more of Steve’s incredible work over at the FB group of the notoriously polite Fry Up Criminals

When are we going to see a full fryup Steve?


Meat Brick

Research and development at the Fry Foundation laboratories is ongoing and intensive. Thankfully we are aided and abetted by input from some marvelous talented people, top chefs, creative geniuses, mad scientists and deranged visionaries.

Nick Minton manages to fulfill all these criteria. He is the inventor of the Meat Brick. A cunning and versatile fryup add-on which combines some of the best bits of a fryup to form not only a delicious treat but a sustainable and edible source of building materials for future generations.

Nick puts shallots and mustard in his brick which has a core of bury black pudding, lovingly encased in pork and wrapped with streaky bacon.

Here’s Nicks superb fryup that featured the meat brick.


The Dr Fry team attempted a slightly different meat brick which was delightful and WOULD have featured in a beautiful fryup had not Harry Fry Junior returned from his dormitory at the University of Gifted Idiots unexpectedly and helped himself to the blooming lot. Thanks for nothing Harry.

dr fry 24

Poilitical Fryups

Doctor Fry trys to keep abreast of current affairs, particularly when it comes to food policies. A short while ago there was a General Election in Britain.

Not long after the results were announced, Dr Fry visited one of his favourite places on the internet to admire the work of hungry fryup enthusiasts, the notorious Facebook group The Fry Up Police (many of the guest fryups featured on this blog were originally critiqued there).

One of his colleagues, Dr Webster had quite ingeniously created a beautiful post election fryup there, which sought to represent the state of the nation through the medium of fried food. Dr Fry thought this was a marvellous idea and cooked up a response to Dr Webster’s statement. Below are the results of our endeavours. Dr Webster’s first.

“The Election Special Fry Up: Whatever your politics, our proud nations produce some great food. I’ve picked elements from the almighty FUP Venn from Scotland (haggis), Wales (cockles), Ireland (potato farl and soda bread), Cornwall (home made hog’s pudding – thanks for the recipe David Rowland) and England (bubble and squeak – I made a rosti out of it – and Henderson’s Relish). The remaining bits (sausages, bacon, eggs, black pudding, fried bread, etc.) are probably common to all countries. Of course it wouldn’t be right without some interference from our erstwhile colony the U.S. of A – so thanks for the hash brown guys. All meat and eggs from Griffins the Butchers in Newbury.”


My response –

“I have cooked some food in order to respond to David Webster’s ‘election day fryup’ which purported to represent the state of our once great nation. I feel that this fryup better reflects where we truly find ourselves today.

The mushrooms are like our health and social care services, slashed repeatedly yet still somehow managing to maintain some structural integrity. The black and white pudding both celebrates the ethnic diversity of our proud land as well as highlighting the stark divisions between communities. All the costlier items in this fryup, the wealth of this allegory, are being hoarded on the far right whilst on the left, the humble worker eggs toil ceaselessly upon their fried slices. The smug Cameronian hash brown is clearly putting the oppressed eggs under almost intolerable pressure. The beans, well they are just f****ng beans. I f****ng love beans me.”



Dr Fry embraces and celebrates innovation in fryups. Mad genius, Professor Touizer has sent me over some pictures of his lovely lamb bacon which has just finished curing. Touizer used breast of lamb, cured with sea salt and rubbed with a Ras el Hanout spice mix popular in Northen Africa.

Outstanding work!