The Mighty Venn II

Dr S.Mugford, produced and maintains the Mighty Venn diagram for the Fry Up Police. It is the definitive guide to what should or should not be included in a fryup and accurately reflects the wonderful regional diversity of the Great British Fryup.

I was delighted to see that is has been updated recently making it more attractive and user-friendly, I believe this may be a prelude to it being produced on a commercial basis in some form or another. Excellent work Dr Mugford!

Screenshot 2016-01-08 20.13.03

Edit: It has been tweaked again by FUP Chief Bobby Lurky Avislav, looking eggcellent!


Black Pudding, Superfood?

One cannot have helped but notice stories being splashed around the popular and quality press this week claiming that new “research” has revealed that black pudding is a “superfood”.

Dr Fry would like to set the record straight:

  • There is no such thing as a “superfood” it is a nonsense term fabricated by marketeers
  • There is no authoritative source for the “research” because there was no research. True research is supported by evidence, conducted ethically by professional accredited organisations, endorsed by academic institutions and reported and referenced accurately. This is merely a shoddy piece of cheap journalism being used as a device to sell ‘musclefood’ (another nonsense term), sell newspaper copy and bait the unwary into clicking at worthless tat online

Here is a lovely picture of some beautiful, delicious black pudding, by all means celebrate this marvelous fryup ingredient but please don’t for one moment believe it will make you bigger, faster, stronger, more intelligent, hipper, slimmer, more handsome or beautiful or live any longer.


Kashmira Gander writing for The Independent has written this very excellent article which is well worth 5 minutes of your time to digest.

That is all.

Millennium Fryupdate

Our homage to Han Solo’s ship that ‘made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs’ received a couple of honours yesterday. Firstly the Guardian Newspaper finally got their fingers out and featured it in their ‘Witness’ section –

Screenshot 2016-01-03 12.09.26

…shortly followed by the delightful news that it was voted top dish of 2015 by members of the really rather lovely Facebook group, The Fry Up Criminals. Despite the name of the group, there are surprisingly few fryups featured on there, it is more a laid-back place which features an eclectic mix of food images, news and discussion. Thank you FUCs!

Screenshot 2016-01-03 12.12.13

This dish which was at best a whimsy has been all over the place since September when it was made, featuring in The Food Bible then being shared widely through instagram and twitter plus making Fry Up Police Hall of Fame. Just shows you what can be done with a bit of imagination (and the right amount of tequila).




Box Clever

Most fryup enthusiasts will at some point have had a takeaway fryup in a box from a cafe or even been tempted to try the aeronautical equivalent i.e. a boxed fryup on a plane. The expectation of having  a self-contained portable greasy feast is almost never met though. Factors such as cheap ingredients, poor placement of items and bad cooking are often the culprits and the inevitable disappointing soggy mess is a huge let-down to fans of a good fryup.

To try to understand the whole culture of boxed fryups better,  we undertook a raft of important research which included seeing just how hard it is to successfully execute a decent fryup in a polystyrene container. First though it was necessary to find a baseline, which led us to look at some truly dreadful examples of culinary slop.

If you have a weak constitution or have previously been traumatised by a boxed fryup then please continue to the next article.

This is a fairly representative cross-section of what to expect –

Unbelievably this one was recently offered as an incentive/reward to NHS staff working over Christmas and New Year in an East-Anglian hospital…


Whilst these abominations have all been served to jet aeroplane passengers….


So exactly how hard is it to improve on these appalling examples?

Not very as it turns out. By using decent quality ingredients, cooking them properly, placing them in the box in sensible proportions with some consideration as to product cross-contamination we came up with this delicious and attractive boxed fryup, the toast and fried bread would obviously need to be packaged in a paper bag within the lid for effective transport however this looked so good it was smashed straight away by our research and development team.


Cafes, hospital trusts and airline caterers please take note, you are failing your customers, it’s not that difficult to do, it just takes a little bit of care and attention.

Images except the final one are courtesy of Fry Up Police constables and Chris Wilko on Instagram to whom we all owe a debt of gratitude for their sacrifices in helping with this important and valuable research.

How very British

Hats off to Astronaut Tim Peake who immediately devoured a bacon sandwich when he arrived at the International Space Station earlier this week.


After all the bad press bacon has received recently it is nice to see it being promoted at the highest level! (I don’t think that was the ACTUAL bacon sandwich consumed. Shoddy Journalism The Guardian newspaper)

Political Fryups II

Keen followers of this humble blog may remember this post from June just after the British General Election where strong political viewpoints were expressed through the medium of lovely fried food.

Dr Fry is intrigued as to the capacity of a fryup to be used as an influencing and lobbying tool, here are a couple of recent efforts where my ire was raised and I felt the need to vent it via a nice big fryup.

For the first, the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne released his Autumn Statement today where he merrily handed out little gifts from behind the Treasury sofa like a mean and pathetic plastic St Nicholas whilst quietly slashing budgets for absolutely necessary government services like DEFRA (-15%)

Well George, here’s Dr Fry’s Autumn Statement, I sincerely hope you choke on it you sad excuse for a politician.


For the second, Dr Fry was positively outraged by the content and shoddy media representation of the recent World Health Organisation report which claimed that too much meat is bad for you. This is extremely old news, as a Doctor I can tell you that too much of anything is bad for you and WHO failed to make an accurate and plain distinction between cured sausages and lovely fresh ones which confused the public and gave click-bait journalism another excuse to treat its readers like toddling infants.

My response was this lovely fryup cooked in pork dripping with extra-special hash browns laced with delicious roast pork and crispy cracking. For your information WHO, I am still alive.

dr fry 15


Ulster Fry, the Best British Cooked Breakfast?

Lovely little BBC article celebrating the Ulster Fry, by Simon Majumdar, a conniseur of fryups. Pity the photographs are so poor or incomplete and the picture of the Hairy Biker’s effort is rather like a dog’s dinner. Dr Fry’s version of the Ulster Fry is here, including home-made veg roll, a real Northern Irish delicacy which does not appear to get a mention in Simon’s piece.

Hairy Bikers Si and Dave cook lovely food usually but this isn’t prepared to a high standard and appears to have black pudding next to the cremated eggs.