We All Love a Full English Breakfast

There’s a smashing open group called ‘We All Love a Full English Breakfast‘ on Facebook, everyone seems polite & cheerful, quite a tolerant place when it comes to variations of the standard ingredients for a fryup and some really talented greasy food enthusiasts posting there.

These images are some of my favourites from the page, all I think made by members rather than being purchased from an establishment, I trust Mr Grub who runs the place will correct me if I miscredit any of these stunning plates of loveliness  –

This first one, a beautiful fry from Steve Cyprus –


A rather ‘Instagrammed’ picture but a lovely dish from Gareth Parks


Mick Thompson’s wonderful Winter scene


Another solid Mick Thompson


Matt Peabody’s gorgeous fryup


And in case you’re wondering about Mr Grub, he’s a lovely fellow who really likes his fryups but has been under doctor’s orders to behave himself recently so he’s lost a little weight since this pic of him


Please go and have a look at the group, say hello, post a fryup or just join in with the lively and friendly discussion.


Peer Review and Support

Doctor Fry recommends a couple of Facebook groups to help you to develop your fryup craft.

The Fry Up Police

A group with over 13,000 members where you can have your bought or made efforts rated and sometimes slated. Tough love is employed to drive up quality, read the rules carefully if you join, not for the faint of heart.

Fry Up Criminals

A smaller group with a focus on fryups but also a general light hearted food group where you can rub shoulders with, amongst others, playboy billionaire chefs, top butchers and underworld kingpins who have a common interest, great tasty food