Dish of the Week

Dr Fry occasionally helps out on the pages of the rather lovely Fry Up Criminals food group. They have a dish of the week competition which is usually hosted by the notorious Dave T, however he’s piloting his private jet somewhere tonight so I have volunteered to step in.

So here is the cream of the crop of the efforts of the talented and attractive members of the Fry Up Criminals community dishes over the past week…

Each dish is numbered above the delicious creation, please vote in the thread on the FB page for your favourite one this week!




bobby hardy




em hudson




emma jones


steve heyes




dennis dadey




jason ramalingum


Mark Cini


charlotte carey






Thank you xxx




A rather lovely if slightly angular fry with button mushrooms arranged in the pattern of a random star constellation to break up all the regular shapes.

A gorgeous array of different puddings in this one – black pudding, roast pork & crackling hash brown, hogs pudding and Irish veg roll.

dr fry 20

In Support of Crockery

It has been brought to my attention that a fryup is being served in a dogbowl. Which is fantastic news for dogs however it appears that this is a dish for sale to humans. Thank you for this excellent article Anna E, I am aghast as to the temerity of so-called chefs who place food items on anything other than a usable, cleanable, sensible plate. Details in the article about a plate pressure group, please have a gander.

It’s not often you’ll hear Dr Fry express himself using strong swear words or profanities but I am flipping well bleeding livid about this!


This is a far bigger threat to our national security than this Corbyn chap I have been reading about. To be fair he seems like quite a decent young man to me.


There’s nothing sets off a lovely great big fryup like a lovely great big old plate.

Paul Coulthard, a retired Wallace & Grommit stunt-double, has banged an amazing fryup on a quality vintage plate that PC Hipsta would arrest you for and has even sneaked in a couple of bacon chops. Home made bubble and hash crowns-off this masterpiece.


Samantha, we love you

This is a dirty, beautiful smashanle fryup from Paul Coulthard. Doctor Fry loves these, fryups with loads of attitude and spirit. Paul and his employers, some poxy ‘time lords’ from Cardiff with NOTHING to lose would rather he remain anonymous so we’re going to caller him Samantha for now. Top fryup Samantha.


Fry Up Pie!

Yes you heard correctly! Celebrity playboy billionaire chef, David Touizer, genius inventor of bacannoloni® is the culinary force behind the design and execution of this prototype hand-held fryup.

Dr Fry is easily impressed by this sort of thing.


The Mighty Venn

Chief Forensic Officer from the Fry Up Police, Sam Mugford, has spent valuable minutes developing and perfecting the fryup Venn. Worth referring to whenever the frying pans get rattled in anger!


Vegetarian Fryups

Doctor Fry recognises the place of vegetarianism within the fryup genre, and extends his deepest sympathy to committed vegetarians and vegans as no product has ever really successfuly replicated the taste or texture of sausages and bacon. Many veggies shun the fryup code and add salad things and strange grains. Others persist in making false idols from worthless substitutes which heartless manufactures churn out as they laugh and take your money.

Doctor Fry deplores food inequality and has made it a key strategic objective to have a hard think about this.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on this beauty. International Quorn® Artist Susan Rice (Quornhenge, Quornageddon, The Quornfather) recently exhibited this piece, ‘Quorn With the Wind’. Reviews of her work have been mixed but I think you will agree that this represents real progress!


Photo credit Soo Rice/FUP