The Fry Up Inspector

This is a brilliant resource for fryup enthusiasts, detailed painstaking critique of hundreds of establishments, an absolute must if you like to grab a fry in the South-East + lots of special features.

The Fry Up Inspector




A nice little fryup made by the Doctor featuring some glorious bubble and squeak as an alternative to the mighty hash brown. This one was served with a wee dram as he’d had a very shit day and sought solace in fine liquor and quality fried food.

Bubble and squeak is usually made from the leftovers of a family roast meal, smashed to bits and fried up, a perfectly good accompaniment to a fryup.


Award Winning?

Earlier this year, this fryup (or one very much like it) was voted as Britain’s Best Breakfast in a competition for caterers run by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board.

Dr Fry and various members of the Fry tribe toddled down to The Tavern Co in Liverpool to try it out.

The ingredients were all good quality, well cooked but appallingly presented and with curious ratios – 3 tiny mushrooms, one egg, no hash brown unless you pay another quid – even the unlimited piss weak tea and coffee didn’t make the nearly £8 a head price any better value, if this place put as much effort into providing quality fryups as they do with their social marketing (which is a huge contributing factor in them winning this award)  then I might possibly return.

Tavern Co you have had a medical from Dr Fry and he wasn’t impressed.

The Full English

The main components of a Full English are at the very heart of most regional fryups. Purists look for good quality sausages, properly cooked and nicely coloured, thick fried bacon, fried eggs, fried mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, black pudding, gently reduced baked beans, fried mushrooms and buttered toast. A fried slice (fried bread) is often added as are white pudding and a strong mug of tea.

The addition of potato products is often a divisive issue in the fryup communities however hash browns are becoming more and more acceptable, particularly if they have been home made not frozen store bought.


The Ulster Fry

This hearty Northern Irish delicacy is generally quite a carbfest, the addition of potato farls and a veg pudding (a huge beef sausage, sliced and fried with a sprinkling of veg) make the Ulster Fry a solid and magnificent fryup. One of Doctor Fry’s favourites!


The Full Cornish

Hogs pudding and buttery potato cakes replace the traditional black pudding and hash brown in this lush fryup from the  South West of England. Hogs pudding is a delicately flavoured white pudding, delicious by itself.


The Full Welsh

Along the North Welsh coastline grows a type of Nori seaweed caled ‘Laver Bread’. This is traditionally stewed and served with cockles alongside the main components of a regular fryup. This is one of mine, a bit OCD in layout but still delicious, the seaweed/cockle combo takes a bit of getting used to though!