The Scranary

Earlier this year a café opened up on Townsend Lane Liverpool, not far from the stadia of two Premiership football clubs. You would expect the local area and economy to benefit from the proximity of multi-million pound sporting businesses however it is one of the most deprived parts of the country by all the indices of deprivation as measured by the Office of National Statistics.

Whilst a difficult place to start a new business and indeed to trade, things were made even more difficult by an incident on their first day of trade where the windows were smashed by a youth wielding a hammer. It’s not clear whether it was a racially motivated attack or a disgruntled competitor or even a warning from a ‘protection’ crew operating in the area. Dr and Mrs Fry popped down recently to show some support and see what kind of a fryup they could deliver.

A rose between two thorns.


A really nice all day breakfast with tea and toast for £4.95!


This was a family-friendly bustling café, spotlessly clean and with the widest selection of condiments you could imagine. Well done to the owners for standing up to the idiots, thanks for a delightful fryup and we wish you every success.

Political Fryups II

Keen followers of this humble blog may remember this post from June just after the British General Election where strong political viewpoints were expressed through the medium of lovely fried food.

Dr Fry is intrigued as to the capacity of a fryup to be used as an influencing and lobbying tool, here are a couple of recent efforts where my ire was raised and I felt the need to vent it via a nice big fryup.

For the first, the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne released his Autumn Statement today where he merrily handed out little gifts from behind the Treasury sofa like a mean and pathetic plastic St Nicholas whilst quietly slashing budgets for absolutely necessary government services like DEFRA (-15%)

Well George, here’s Dr Fry’s Autumn Statement, I sincerely hope you choke on it you sad excuse for a politician.


For the second, Dr Fry was positively outraged by the content and shoddy media representation of the recent World Health Organisation report which claimed that too much meat is bad for you. This is extremely old news, as a Doctor I can tell you that too much of anything is bad for you and WHO failed to make an accurate and plain distinction between cured sausages and lovely fresh ones which confused the public and gave click-bait journalism another excuse to treat its readers like toddling infants.

My response was this lovely fryup cooked in pork dripping with extra-special hash browns laced with delicious roast pork and crispy cracking. For your information WHO, I am still alive.

dr fry 15


I’ve Been Mugged!

There is nothing quite like a nice mug of tea to compliment a glorious fryup. Imagine the Fry household’s delight on Monday to receive this beautiful example of china in amongst the day’s correspondence!


The Fry Up Police is the nation’s premier organisation driving up fryup standards through the medium of swearing at food. Please consider supporting them in their valuable mission by purchasing one of these beautiful and collectable limited edition items of fine tableware.



A rather lovely if slightly angular fry with button mushrooms arranged in the pattern of a random star constellation to break up all the regular shapes.

A gorgeous array of different puddings in this one – black pudding, roast pork & crackling hash brown, hogs pudding and Irish veg roll.

dr fry 20

Meat Brick

Research and development at the Fry Foundation laboratories is ongoing and intensive. Thankfully we are aided and abetted by input from some marvelous talented people, top chefs, creative geniuses, mad scientists and deranged visionaries.

Nick Minton manages to fulfill all these criteria. He is the inventor of the Meat Brick. A cunning and versatile fryup add-on which combines some of the best bits of a fryup to form not only a delicious treat but a sustainable and edible source of building materials for future generations.

Nick puts shallots and mustard in his brick which has a core of bury black pudding, lovingly encased in pork and wrapped with streaky bacon.

Here’s Nicks superb fryup that featured the meat brick.


The Dr Fry team attempted a slightly different meat brick which was delightful and WOULD have featured in a beautiful fryup had not Harry Fry Junior returned from his dormitory at the University of Gifted Idiots unexpectedly and helped himself to the blooming lot. Thanks for nothing Harry.

dr fry 24


Prompted by an article about a cafe owner who was planning on providing free breakfasts for homeless people on Christmas Day this year, Dr Fry took himself down to Yummy Cafe on Prescot Rd Liverpool to see what the hype was about and sample the quality of the fryups there.

To be fair it didn’t look too promising from the outside…

dr fry 3

The fryup however was actually really very nice, perfectly cooked and great value @ £4.95 including tea & toast.

dr fry 2

It was smashed to bits!

dr fry 1

This is Simon Whitter. He’s only been the proprietor of this establishment for five weeks. Can’t say I’ve ever met a nicer or friendlier member of the human species. I have to say his views on the quality of sausages, types of tomatoes and the legitimacy of potato products on fryups were positively received by Dr Fry.

dr fry 4

Simon was put in care as a kid, then after a brief spell in hostels as a young adult he became homeless. He isn’t just providing free fryups on Christmas day, he’s organising gloves & scarves and free phone calls for people who might have lost track of their families.

All this despite being a Manchester City supporter! Simon will be hopefully putting up a just giving page soon for anyone who wants to contribute, or if you’re in the area you could support him by popping in for one of his lovely fryups & put a couple of bob into his business and a couple of quid into the tin on the counter.

More info here

Yummy’s is open 7.30 a.m to 2 p.m. 7 days a week, as well as fryups he does a range of hot and cold food as well as sandwiches. Tell him Dr Fry sent you but don’t mention the match against Liverpool last weekend….


EDIT 19/12 : This has now become too big for his caff and he will be doing 200 meals from an old Courthouse in the city centre. Top work simon.